Unusual Wedding Pies for Dessert in Houston, TX

Weird Pies for Dessert!

Probably wedding pies in Houston, TX is becoming popular nowadays and most of the brides want to acquire this so that their guests will enjoy because of the familiar taste. But did you know that apart from the traditional pies there are also other pies that you can serve to your guests.

Other people may find these wedding pies in Houston, TX weird but you can always give it a shot and let your guests amaze how you come up with such idea.

Chess Pie

This type of pie is somehow similar to vinegar pie the only difference is that the main ingredient is cornmeal. The ingredients are somehow similar to regular cheesecake but instead of flour you need to use cornmeal. This is simpler than the vinegar pie. If you will be having a country style wedding then this will surely work. The pie is popular in Southern states. If you are concern with how you will design the pie you may want to check some photographs online.

Bean Pie

If you already tried mung bean cake surely this type of wedding pie in Houston, TX will be familiar to your taste buds. Bean pie is very popular in South Korea but there are similar desserts that you can be found in Asian countries. Beans are very popular ingredient for Asian pastries. So if you are going to have an oriental wedding then this pie will kick the celebration. The common ingredients are butter, sugar, nutmeg eggs, evaporated milk, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. You can have small mini-pies instead of the regular pie size. This way you will be able to serve it in bite size and your guests can have as little as they want or as much as they want. It is suggested to have the denser filling rather too light and fluffy.

Peanut Butter Pie

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? As far as I know Americans really love peanut butter. So when you decided to have peanut butter wedding pies in Houston, TX your guests will love you even more. It is somehow similar to cheesecake. But instead of cream cheese you will be using peanut butter. The crust is also graham crackers that are crushed into fine pieces and added butter on it and other ingredients to stiff. Same as the bean pie you can bake small mini pie out of it. If you planning to have it in bite size you can probably imitate the style of tarts and wrap them individually.

There are a lot of possible pies that you can have. All you need is to be creative and resourceful.

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